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  • Need for Technology Business Incubators in the country : EDII Eyes Schools, Colleges to Include Entrepreneurship in CurriculaRead more...
  • EDII has been recognized by Govt. of Gujarat as a Nodal Institution for Start-up/Innovation Policy
  • Nodal Institution for Start-up/Innovation Policy

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Students Profile

PGDM-DS (2016-18)
Name: Abhishek Chittora
State: Rajasthan
Work Experience: Operations manager Sheetal Marmo Pvt. Ltd.
Summer Internship: Ambuja Cement Foundation
Project Title: Village level Agri entrepreneur
Why Developmental Studies: To know the gaps between allocation of resources and activities taking place under CSR and to come up with innovative solution to bridge the gap.
Sector: CSR
Name: Aditya R. Deshpande
State: Maharashtra
Summer Internship: Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
Project Title: Assessing Energy Efficiency in Indian MSME foundries.
Why Developmental Studies: To understand the MSME sector and to find out the problems and opportunity.
Sector: MSME and MEDM
Name: Anvita Chandra
State: Gujarat
Summer Internship: Shree Ramkrishna Knowledge Foundation
Project Title: Improvement of the present structure of V.N.G school
Why Developmental Studies: I joined DS because I wanted to explore opportunities in social sector and work with some development sector organization to address social problems.
Sector: Education, CSR, Microfinance
Name: Jyoti Agarwal
State: Uttar Pradesh
Summer Internship: MicroSave
Project Title: Gender mainstreaming in financial services.
Why Developmental Studies: I joined DS because it is an entirely different specialization and it matched my interest to work in the development sector. Initially, the motive is to be a part of an Ngo.
Sector: Child development sector, Microfinance, CSR
Name: Nikita Patel
State: Ahmedabad
Summer Internship: Okhai, TCSRD
Project Title: Tracking entire manufacturing process of Handloom products from procurement to distribution and providing solutions for delivering product on time
Why Developmental Studies: I want to Develop and Promote Handloom and Handicraft products of artisans by providing design inputs and sustainable solutions for improving livelihood of artisans
Sector: Handloom and Handicraft, Sustainable Livelihood, Social Entrepreneurship
Name: Nirbhay Doshi
State: Rajkot
Summer Internship: RedR India
Project Title: Post Assessment of Emergency Projects along with content articulation for the organizationís Annual Report
Why Developmental Studies: To understand Development dynamics and also to explore the scope of Development in Underdevelopment Countries
Sector: Humanitarian Sector, Rural & Urban Settlement
Name: Nishi Jain
State: Rajasthan
Summer Internship: SEWA bank
Project Title: Financial literacy for children
Why Developmental Studies: The only platform to understand social concerns and work for the betterment of the society.
Sector: Microfinance and livelihoods
Name: Raviteja Gajavalli
State: Telangana
Summer Internship: Annapurna Microfinance Private Limited
Project Title: Training and Capacity Building of SHG Clients: Need and Impact of Financial Literacy
Why Developmental Studies: To understand the development initiatives at the grassroots level and create a platform for innovative solutions
Sector: Microfinance, CSR, MSME and Sustainable Livelihood, Health, Policy & Advocacy, Governance
Name: Rhea Bhandari
State: Gandhinagar
Summer Internship: SEWA Mandir
Project Title: Impact of Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) Initiative
Why Developmental Studies: To work for the benefit of women. One can say women empowerment. I want to transform the lives of tribal rural women give them the respect in society and to make them economically dependent.
Sector: Humanitarian, Alternative healing, Women Empowerment and health
Name: Rohee Shah
State: Gujarat
Summer Internship: Shikshantar
Project Title: Hacking the Education System
Why Developmental Studies: To understand and realize the problems prevailing in the Education and schooling system, help change it by creating models which are needed for todayís world.
Sector: Education and training
Name: Sameer Yadav
State: Gujarat
Summer Internship: Ambuja Cement Foundation, Darlagaht, Himachal Pradesh.
Project Title: Analyses & Recommendations for Sustainable Livelihoods through Dairy and Agriculture FPOs in the Mid-Himalayan Region
Why Developmental Studies: I had always wanted to bring about a significant positive change in society. And PGDM-DS is unique course which effectively blends my talent of management with my commitment to social change.
Sector: Development Consultant in the areas of Sustainable Livelihoods, Policy Making & Advocacy, MEDM, Cluster Development, Social Entrepreneurship, CSR, Creating Awareness-Social Marketing
Name: Shruthi Surendran
State: Rajasthan
Summer Internship: Deepak Foundation
Project Title: Promoting Women Entrepreneurship and Livelihood through Mini
Why Developmental Studies: To understand the problem of small and marginal farmers and to start an enterprise which will address the problem
Sector: Sustainable livelihood and MEDM