Gujarat Venture Finance Limited

GVFL Limited (formerly Gujarat Venture Finance Limited) is widely regarded as pioneer of Venture capital in India. It is an independent, autonomous Board managed venture finance company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

GVFL ushered in the dawn of venture capital in India. Founded in 1990 at the initiative of World Bank, GVFL has supported ventures working on cutting edge of technology as well as encouraged entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Over the past two decades GVFL has raised eight venture capital funds which have supported over 91 companies. Unique feature of GVFL’s approach has been its broad-spectrum support to its funded entities that ranges from strategic direction to governance support.Today, GVFL has divested from over 70% of its portfolio companies with handsome returns.

Over the last two decades, GVFL has focused on the role of providing venture capital to technology oriented start ups. In our endeavor to back the first generation entrepreneurs, GVFL has gained deep insight into the entire growth cycle of its portfolio companies. Our Success can be attributed to our passion for detailed assessment of market viability and management credentials, as well as broad spectrum support to the funded entities ranging from strategic direction to governance support. Today our professionals can unerringly identify a growth company and have the capability to nurture it to the market. Our professed aim remains, to use our knowledge and expertise to guide professionals who are imbued with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and a vision to build successful businesses.

We seek to develop next generation business leaders who build sustainable organizations, deliver better results and in process share the rewards. In this phase of its development GVFL professes to evolve a paradigm where it will use its deep insights to identify scalable companies and take them to greater heights.