Jay Merja

Jay Merja

PGDM-BE 2013-2015



The metal gate squealed as we entered Jay Merja’s humble working space. The squeal had already summoned Jay who welcomed us with a firm handshake. As we stepped into his office room, we noticed an inspiring quote by Mahatma Gandhi – ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.’ Jay seemed to have read our thoughts and instantly remarked, “That’s how I wish to live. Isn’t it truly appealing?” That one statement from Jay said a lot about his personality and the rest of the conversation that evening only testified so much that we had deduced about him.

Jay began, “I had always wanted to impact lives and one of my uncles once said to me that if I had to do so, I had to become an entrepreneur. So, this was the only dream which I had always harboured. My goal was clear; I was only looking for means.”

Hailing from Gandhinagar, Jay had heard a lot about EDII and its entrepreneurship course. Without a second thought, he applied for EDII’s PGDM-BE 2013-15 programme and commenced the journey with the belief of making it big. Jay was a focussed student. As one of the faculty members remarks, “Jay has an exploratory mind. He is good at probing ideas and scenarios. 

I always encouraged him to engage with the external environment and keep sourcing opportunities.” No wonder, Jay did his tasks diligently and excelled to arrive a full circle.

Jay says, “My plans to becoming a successful entrepreneur got crystallised at EDII. The process of approaching a business which was taught to us through various means and methodologies prepared us well for our role as an entrepreneur.”
Jay appreciates the curriculum of EDII on the premise of it being a judicious mix of theory and practice. In addition, says Jay, “EDII gave me an opportunity to participate in several conferences and seminars which helped me gain exposure and expand my network.” Jay got a platform to pitch his ideas to many investors and financing organisations.

After a lot of exposure and exploration, Jay settled on exploring the potential in professional logistics. Jay wanted to venture into a business based on a revolutionary model; the Uber model appealed to him. He initiated MUVR.in which is a technology based logistics solutions providing company. 

Associated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, as a member of their Educational Activity Board, Jay visited the USA. There he discovered the adaptability of technology in logistics which provides people flexibility and convenience.”

Jay says, “In India, we have gradually started using and depending on technology for booking cab and movie tickets but there is a lack of technology in the transportation and logistics sector.” This was the revelation which led to the birth of MUVR.in. Jay replicated the UBER model into the logistics sector by providing mini truck and tempo services within fingertips, using technology. Once MUVR receives an order over telephone, application or website, it immediately contacts partner drivers and assigns vehicles. His primary clients are Big Bazaar, D-Mart, Reliance, Fresh and Hyper city; several pharmaceutical companies and organizations in the business of milk manufacturing, automobile parts procuring, in addition to FMCG companies.

So, MUVR provides both retail real-time logistics solutions using various commercial vehicles as well as enterprise dedicated fixed vehicle for delivery and supply solutions using focussed technology support.

Before floating his enterprise, Jay had initiated in-depth primary as well as secondary research. Very soon, he generated a database of 580 tempo owners and got a good understanding of the market and its demand. Jay launched the app which fetched him good response. His customers are industry/traders/wholesalers and big companies which require the logistics services on a daily basis.

Jay feels happy that his company has not only helped industry and other B2B platforms solve their logistics and transportation glitches via single point-of-contact using technology but has also created income opportunities for mini tempo drivers. Many of these drivers have registered a 100 per cent growth in their income.

MUVR.in has come a long way. The company has nine employees and is generating an average revenue of ₹ 4-5 lakh per month.

Jay feels happy to recall how his father, an Additional Collector with the Govt. of Gujarat was against his getting into business but is extremely proud of his success today. Jay is the first entrepreneur in his family.

Having overcome problems of funds and thus the limitations which cropped up in his experimentations with business expansion and technology, Jay is today comfortably ensconced in confidence and determination. Dealing with tempo drivers and educating them on the usage of smartphones and modern applications was also a challenge for him. At times, he was bogged down by negative thoughts but he is glad he has overcome them all and has found his path. With operations in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara, Jay looks ahead with a focussed vision and strategy in place.

Keep walking the unbeaten path… All the best !!!