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Tracks/PhaseYearSemesterModules, Capstone Projects and Action Learning









Foundation of Management and Entrepreneurship Track












1st Year



1st Semester

  • Module-I: Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Idea Generation and Identifying Business Opportunities
  • Capstone Project-I: Development of a Innovative Business Idea into a Proof-of-Concept
  • Module-II: Management Skills for Entrepreneurs and Managing for Value Creation
  • Capstone Project-II: Development of Business Idea into working Prototype


2nd Semester

  • Module-III: Creating and Sustaining Enterprising Model & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Capstone Project-III: Development of Minimum Viable Business Model of Innovation
Start-up Experiential Learning Track: (Co-Learning & Contribution) 

  • Action Learning Segment-I: Start-up/Incubation Residency Learning Program
Entrepreneurship Intensity Track (Immersion into Incubation Facility and

Resource Access)





2nd Year



3rd Semester

  • Module-IV: Advancing Entrepreneurial Skill and Venture Planning
  • Module-V: Creating and Growing New Venture and National & Global Business Environment
Start-up Establishment Track 

4th Semester


  • Action Learning Segment-II: Venture Establishment Phase at Incubators/Accelerators
Final ExitCompletion of “MBA/PGDM in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and & Venture Development” Degree