Strategies of Communication for Professional Success

Strategies of Communication for Professional Success

‘Strategies of Communication for Professional Success’ offers powerful frameworks to help professionals to deliver ideas with precision, use effective persuasion skills, draft reports and proposals that promise success, craft powerful strategies for individual and organizational growth. The course is designed to prepare professionals for growth and promotion.
This online course that aims to create Intrapreneurial Leaders is designed especially for ambitious professionals who want to fast-track their careers.


Strategies of Communication for Professional Success

Fees : INR 4500/- per participant

Start Date : 1st March, 2021

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Target Batch

1. Professionals who are working with different organisations (Govt. as well as Private Sectors) and are aspiring for individual growth and promotions.

2. Students of Higher-education Institutions who wish to be Job-ready and aspire to get placed in different companies.


Course Coordinators Dr. Baishali Mitra
Couse Duration 20 hours of interactive sessions along with mentoring/handholding, spread over 1 month.
Post-completion On completion, the participants will get participation / completion certificates.

  1. Live sessions – classes will be held: option 1 - during the weekend, option 2 – Monday to Friday. Each session is of 60 minutes
  2. Access to EDII Library (physical + digital) during the course
  3. One-to-one mentoring / feedback throughout the month will be available via prior appointment on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Session No.





At the end of the session students will be able to:

The Toolkit of Persuasion


Style and Strategies to make message effective and memorable: PAM strategy and AIDA Principle

120 minutes

Case-let and stories – reverse analysis and examples

Identify ways to be most effective while speaking at different official situation


The Three Aristotelian Appeals

120 minutes

Demonstration of speech excerpts as demonstration examples – deducing the concept from that

Learn the short-cut method to utilize the tool to persuade or convince others easily


Presentation Skills and slide-deck management

120 minutes

Discussion through demonstrating various examples of public speaking / Ted talk etc. – Developing the Dos and the Don’ts 

Utilize effective strategies for presentation skills 

Image Building


Attitude for Altitude

120 minutes

Case-let analysis

Imbibe the right attitude for success


The Power of Habits – Unlock your Potential

120 minutes

Activity- worksheet and related discussions

Identify the importance of business etiquette and protocol to use them in the respective workplace


Challenge of Change: Building Resilience for the future

120 minutes

Stories from Indian Epic and mythologies – relating that to the present digitized pandemic affected the world and identifying a way forward

Learn the ways and means of agility, perseverance, and resilience for survival and success

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


Emails that never fails: 7 Cs of Communication

120 minutes

Working at bad examples and developing the right ones

Draft effective Emails suited to the purpose and audience


The effective Report: The style and the structure

120 minutes

Reverse analysis of a dummy report

Learn technical writing and drafting an effective report 


The winning Proposal: The influencing tone

120 minutes

Writing together using a template

Learn influencing technique and structure of a business proposal

[Target batch specific module]

Interview Skills and Resume building 

(specific module only for students who aspire to be job-ready)


  1. Tips to be successful in job-interview: the 30 seconds’ self-introduction and other questions

  1. How to draft the effective resume

120 minutes

Discussion / tips/ examples

Learn how to draft effective resume and imbibe winning interview skills

[Target batch specific module]

Workplace Conflict Management 

(specific module only for professionals who are already working and aspire for growth/promotion)


  1. Conflict Resolution and Team work
  1. Six Thinking Hats: Critical Thinking ability

120 minutes

Discussion / tips/ examples

Be effective and work in team smoothly


Fees: INR 4500/- per participant.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Chisel a confident and memorable personality with proper work-place etiquette
  • Utilise credibility, emotion, and reasoning to persuade others effectively
  • Use strategies to be heard and accepted in different workplace situations
  • Put points across in a precise, and convincing manner for both off-line and online interaction
  • Deal with setback positively and develop a growth mindset
  • Demonstrate the effective technique while drafting emails, reports, or proposals for official purpose