Camp on Entrepreneurial Adventures for Youth

Despite being intellectually more sound, well-informed and career-conscious, today’s youth often lack the qualities that make a person, enterprising. The need, therefore, is to create awareness to inculcate in them, the values of creativity, excellence, innovation, leadership and independence. It is assumed that these values will inspire them to select an independent innovative career option and excel in chosen career.

With this objective, EDI has been regularly organizing well thought of, residential camps for youth and children (Age group 16-22 years).

The Institute has been successfully organising ‘YOUTH CAMPS’ during summer vacation to facilitate the development of the entrepreneurial personality of youth. ‘Summer Camp on Entrepreneurial Adventures for the Youth’ has successfully inspired and motivated a number of youth from the country. The camps are open for those studying in Higher Secondary or Colleges in any discipline.

Objectives of the Camp

The specific objectives of the camp are to :
  • Enable them to realize their latent potential and develop their capabilities to meet the challenges ahead.
  • Counsel and motivate them to seek independent, innovative and challenging career options.
  • Foster entrepreneurial traits including creativity, concern for excellence, leadership, problem solving, etc.
  • Establish a forum of the participants for networking and to fruitfully utilize such interactions in future entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Provide them with an opportunity to interact extensively in formal and informal settings, with well-known entrepreneurs and achievers.

Objectives of the Camp focus

Consistent with the objectives, the camp focuses on:
  • Entrepreneurial motivation development exercises.
  • Evaluation and development of entrepreneurial traits and competencies.
  • Visits to institutions of repute to analyze the process of creation.
  • Exposure to potential opportunities existing in industry and other occupation.
  • Self-assessment through specifically designed psychometric tests and instruments.
  • Career and psychological counselling.
  • Formal and informal interaction with successful entrepreneurs and achievers.