Alumni Podcast

Nikita Maheshwari

Listen to this podcast featuring Nikita Maheshwari our Proud Alumni on disrupting the normal!
She has come up against all the odds to tell us her story on start-up & struggles faced by her to build an organization named ‘Tatkalorry’ crossing 20 Cr (Cumulative) in revenue and growing further with extremely good potential and also diversifying into multiple sectors.
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Pushpak Parekh

Listen to the podcast featuring Pushpak Parekh – Proud Alumnus on exploring new prospects in the textile industry!
He is the initiator and taste giver to Muffynn, let’s listen to this 26 year old’s enriching start-up story of concept based apparels as he finds his way through experimenting and delving into the unmapped terrains of textile industry. He is the Founder & Partner at Vision of 3, brand – Muffynn.
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Palash Shah

Listen to this podcast featuring Palash Shah – Proud Alumnus on how his vision turned the family business from trading fabrics into manufacturing fabrics!

Director at Siddhachakra Weaving Pvt. Ltd. (BADIYA FASHION), Palash Shah shares his entrepreneurial journey right from EDII to expanding hi family business. Today SWPL has become the synonym for quality fabric in India.

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Kankshit Modi

Listen to the podcast – MODIVATION by Vishal Modi featuring Kankshit Modi our proud Alumni, a first-gen entrepreneur as he talks about the hardships and challenges that followed the path he had chosen, his journey from inception of an idea to execution. Kankshit ventured into Pasta manufacturing giving competition to international brands in Indian market.

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