Director General’s Desk

Understanding the risks involved in a business and developing the capabilities and traits, to not just overcome them but also muster all resources to float a successful business, are some of the characteristics that define an entrepreneur. EDII is about this and much more. The enterprising spirit is significantly enhanced in students so much so that they develop the conviction to see a business idea blossom into a success story. The Institute aims to hone and sharpen the entrepreneurial genes, which, it believes resides in varying degrees in every individual. And, let me hastily add, our focus is as much on social entrepreneurship as business entrepreneurship. While we are working in these areas for the last more than 20 years; we constantly aim at strengthening our hands through research in the discipline. Our Alumni are in different sectors, churning out results that make us proud.

“We welcome you into our world of entrepreneurship through this platform.”

– Dr. Sunil Shukla (Director General, EDII)