Our Mission & Vision, Quality Policy and Values


“To retain global leadership in fostering and developing entrepreneurship”

Institute's Quality Policy

To strive to become a globally competitive and leading resource Institute in entrepreneurship education and development, applied research, policy advocacy and institution-building, with an inbuilt drive to remain accountable to core values, systems and principles.


  • Become a leading resource centre of knowledge management, pertaining to various aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Promote entrepreneurship through education, training, applied research and institution-building.
  • Augment the pool of entrepreneurs in different sectors and constituencies in accordance with national priorities and programmes.
  • Help existing SMEs and family managed businesses improve their entrepreneurial competencies and develop cadres of trainers in entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate interface with policymakers and foster networks with Central and State Governments, Entrepreneurship Development Institutions, Industry and other stakeholders.
  • Assist in capacity building, training and institution-building in the field of entrepreneurship with focus on innovation, incubation and digitalisation at national & international levels.



Ingrained deeply with honesty in work, action and institutional dealings


Displayed in pursuit of amiable behaviour, ethical work and entrepreneurial qualities


In diversities reflected in work culture that welcomes potential entrepreneurs and talents from diverse background, socio-economic status and geographical locations


Reflected in ethical work culture, professional behaviour and committed excellence


To the mother institution for all work, action and deeds