Course Architecture

The course

  • Develops motivation, reinforces entrepreneurial traits and the spirit of enterprise.
  • Facilitates decision making process for setting-up of a new enterprise.
  • Facilitates successful and profitable operation of the enterprise.
Duration and Medium of Instruction

The duration of the course is one year. The medium of instruction is English.

Salient Features

The programme has the following salient features:

  • Flexibility in terms of enrolment
  • Skill & Knowledge Building Programmes through two Contact Sessions
  • One-to-one counseling throughout the course by “expert counselors” and EDI faculty members
  • Web-based software (MIS) for monitoring the progress, sharing resources, conducting quizzes and assessment
  • Access to library resources

The contact sessions focus on developing entrepreneurial motivation, business opportunity guidance, market research & survey, preparation of detailed project report, project appraisal system of banks & financial institutions and interactions with successful entrepreneurs.


The syllabus in the form of printed self-instructional study material covers all the aspects of launching, establishing and managing a small-scale enterprise, including taxation as applicable to small-scale industry.
To put it briefly, it prepares the learner with the knowledge, skills and motivation to set up an enterprise and manage it successfully.

Study Material

The study material designed to facilitate the learners, is divided into 11 units covering critical areas such as: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Sources of Assistance, Business Opportunity Identification, Market Assessment, Entrepreneurial Motivation, various soft skills like Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Entrepreneurial Competencies, Small Business Management including Systematic Planning, Quality Control, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Production Management. Besides, various topics like Total Quality Management, Strategic Planning, Business Ethics, Franchising, Venture Capital Financing, Exports, etc. The material provides comprehensive understanding on what it takes to become an entrepreneur.