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Study Online Entrepreneurship Programme with EDII

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) online programmes are innovative learning experiences that leverage leading-edge thinking and next-generation technology and pedagogy to address the most pressing and relevant business problems facing organisations today. As an online student, you’ll enjoy all the same study benefits as campus-based students at EDII. This includes exposure to our academic experts and research expertise who work at the cutting-edge of their subject areas to help make EDII an eminent academic institution, plus access to immersive course-specific debates.

We understand that for many people, visiting an academic campus isn’t an option, especially for those with significant work and family commitments. Through our flexible, innovative online courses, we extend the opportunity for growth and career improvement to everyone with a desire to learn. Furthermore, by offering access to our courses online, you can apply to take our certificate courses from anywhere in the world.

These courses have been developed in response to participants’ interest from a breadth of business and cultural backgrounds and a growing need to support career development in particular fields. By studying online with EDII, we hope to get you that much closer to achieving your own career ambitions, whatever they may be.

About the Online Programmes

Enrol and attend classes live anywhere and on any device, according to your own schedule. Interact with EDII’s faculties and external subject experts, and improve your network exchanging views with other participants from several companies and industries. Receive Certificate of Completion upon attendance of at least 80% of classes.

Course/Programme Level Overview and Scope Duration
Awareness/ Sector Specific Sponsored programmes

The objective of the programmes will be to motivate youth representing different sections of the society including prospective entrepreneurs and student start-ups, SC/ST/ Nascent Women Entrepreneurs, small and micro entrepreneurs, retired personal, freelancer and the like who aspires self-employment or entrepreneurship as one of the career options. The ultimate objective is to promote new enterprises, capacity building of existing MSMEs and inculcating entrepreneurial culture in the country.

Since awareness/sponsors courses aim to generate awareness among the mass, keeping free access can enable maximum outreach that act as a corollary for outmost enrolment.

Programmes are also designed based on industry specific needs. Hence the curriculum, the themes and the target groups are decided on need-based approach. These programmes aims to educate people about an issue, provide real-world advice, or show them how to develop and put a skill in practice pertaining to entrepreneurship discourse.

Duration may vary according to the aims, scope and structure of the respective programmes. Usually will range in-between days/weeks/months
Learners This will include short term courses where the content taught will be kept at basic and intermediate level. The aim here is to provide learners; career guidance and counselling services, train them in the art and nuances of identifying and analysing the constraints and barriers and devise appropriate strategies. Duration of the courses will vary from several days/ weeks to three months
Advance Courses designed and offered under this category will contain extensive content, rigorous assessment procedure to take learners’ entrepreneurial skill to next level  Duration of the courses will vary from minimum of 6 months to 12 months