Certificate Program for Micro Enterprises – “Vyapar Sutra”

Certificate Online Programme for Micro-Enterprises – “Vyapar Sutra”


15 interactive sessions with 2 sessions of one to one mentoring. Additionally online query resolution extended up to one year


Certificate Online Programme for Micro-Enterprises – “Vyapar Sutra”

Fees : Rs. 10,000/- per participant

Duration : 15 interactive sessions

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To know more contact the Course Coordinator:

Ms. T.A.Nikita
Assistant Faculty
EDII, Ahmedabad
Contact no. 9825701209
Email address: afsa-a@ediindia.org


According to current records, around 99% of all manufacturing and services enterprises fall under the micro category (investment up to 1 crore and turnover up to 5 crores per year). As per research data, most of the new enterprises coming up now are also in the micro category.

Co-created by EDII and Innovative Thought Forum (ITF), this course aims to develop the competencies of the participants in managing micro-enterprises. This online course provides a highly interactive professional learning experience and capability upgrade in the principles, tools, and techniques for enterprise development and management.

Target Group

Who are in business or want to be in business (Minimum Qualification: 12th Pass) 

Faculty & Experts

Highly qualified and experienced business experts and senior faculty members will be your resource persons for the “Vyapar Sutra” online course.

Teaching Method

The sessions would be taught online with mix of discussion, case study analysis, one to one interaction with mentors, presentations and assignment.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, Participants will be able to:

  • Manage business better
  • Improve costing, pricing, working capital management and financial outcomes
  • Learn to improve revenues in profitable manner
  • Learn to identify growth opportunities and new markets
  • Identify team building dynamics.
  • Learn to avoid legal and regulatory issues
Session Topic No of sessions Tentative Faculty


Introduction to the Course  – “Vyapar Sutra”


Mr S.B Dangayach


Essence of Entrepreneurship – Creating, Running and Growing Micro and Small Enterprises


Dr. Sunil Shukla


Business Fundamentals : Accounting, Costing and Finance



Basic Accounting for Micro Enterprises


Mr. Amal Dhru & Team


Costing & Pricing of the Product/Services


Mr. Amal Dhru & Team


Preparing, Reading and Understanding of Essential Documents


Mr. Amal Dhru & Team


Financing for Normal Operations and Growths


Dr. Satya Ranjan Acharya


Business Fundamental : Taxation and Legal 



Taxation, Regulation and  Legal Requirement


Mr. Amal Dhru & Team


Business Fundamental : Selection, Marketing , Selling and Growth




Business Selection and Growth 


  Mr S.B Dangayach


Essentials of Marketing


Prof.  Sharad Sharin


Essentials of Selling


Prof.  Sharad Sharin


Branding, Distribution and Franchising


Prof.  Sharad Sharin


Business Fundamental: Purchasing, Operation, Production and Logistics 



Essentials of Purchasing , Materials Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management.


Mr. Ashok Sharma


Essentials of Production and Operations


Mr. J.S.Kochar


IT as a tool for Management and Growth of Business


Mr. J.S.Kochar


Business Fundamental: Team Building




Essentials of Building Team for Proper Running and Growth


Dr. Baishali Mitra


Interaction with Faculty and Business Practitioners


Faculty & Business Practitioners

  1. Dr. Satya Ranjan Acharya (Finance)
  2. Ms. Nikita Anand (Accounting , Costing & Legal ) & Other Expert Faculty

In order to demonstrate understanding of the course content, participants will be required to submit three assignments.

  1. Understanding of the business of the participants (Existing business operation)
  2. Existing financial position of the business (Interpretation of the financial statements by ratio analysis, check liquidity, solvency, profitability and efficiency of the business)

One to one interaction with faculty and business practitioners will be followed only after the submission of both the assignments.

Additionally, one to one interaction with Faculty and Business Practitioners will be extended up to one year.

Reading Materials

All the session material will be provided in advance for reference.

Certificates will be distributed to the learners after completion of the course.