Laval Bhatt

Laval Bhatt

PGDBEM 2000-2001

HoneyBee Infomedia

Steering Digital Transformation

The day we met Laval for the interview happened to be 5th September – Teachers’ Day. We began with small talk on the role of a teacher in a student’s life and the conviction with which Laval presented his ideas instantaneously brought forth his entrepreneurial competencies. His ability to draw you into a conversation, convince you about his beliefs, use assuring body language and be a good listener are traits which one cannot help but notice. I was convinced that Laval was putting his learning to good use.

Laval Bhatt, a student of third batch of PGDBEM, convinces you when he says, “I have always been passionate about two things in my life: learning and doing something new each day and making a mark in whatever I undertake. Right from the very beginning, I knew I wanted to be different but before anything else I wanted to equip myself with knowledge in varied and contemporary fields.”

So before chasing his dreams, Laval wanted to meaningfully complete his education and be well-informed. Through a friend, Laval came to know about EDII’s PG course, researched its curriculum and found it in tune with the times. He decided to pursue EDII’s PGDM-BE; cleared all exams and joined it to study entrepreneurship. As he says, “The course offered a mix of managerial and entrepreneurial inputs and this excited me. 

At EDII, I developed unique skillsets which somewhere instilled in me the confidence that I could perch myself at my dream terminus only if I had the liberty to envision strategies and implement them. My peers also influenced me with their entrepreneurial parleys and at one point I was fully convinced about adopting entrepreneurship as a career.”

Laval had been a good student throughout and so, his family always encouraged him to get into a high-profile job. But the orientation at EDII had left an indelible mark on Laval. His spirit of achievement got fortified here and the first seeds of entrepreneurship were planted in him. When he expressed his desire to his parents to make a career in business, they were initially not quite supportive; also because none of his family members had done business before. They thought business was a risky thing. Laval, with talks on his plans and strategies, eventually, convinced both his parents.

Thus began the extensive process of business opportunity identification. Coming from a VPN background, Laval was very well connected to technology. He says, “Digital marketing was an emerging field at that time, and it caught my attention. That’s how I got to know what business I wanted to get into.”

After the PG course at EDII, Laval worked for some time with multinationals to gain experience. However, he never let go off his aim to become an entrepreneur. Very soon, he launched HoneyBee Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. – a Digital Marketing Agency. Initially getting clients and investment was an issue, but Laval successfully overcame those glitches. He says he still faces issues; mainly operational challenges but takes it all in his stride. His motivation has always remained upbeat and even during the worst of crises he only thought about continuing with an unbeatable spirit. Laval says, “My work is my passion and I have worked very hard to reach where I am today. The guidance provided by my professors at EDII helped me a great deal. 

If you are an entrepreneur, you are expected to make big decisions with a calm mind. My professors at EDII taught me how to deal with issues one faces while making important decisions in business.”

Laval has been successfully running his Digital Marketing Agency with client base in India, USA , UK and several other prominent destinations . After around five years of inception of his organization and over 120 clients, Laval has taken the next big step by instituting a digital magazine. “We have recently started a digital magazine and I want to make it big too,” shares Laval.

The journey has been satisfying for Laval. From an investment of 1 lakh, which he managed from his personal savings, and being a one-man unit, he has come a long way. Laval’s organisation, which has 15 employees, is synonymous with credibility, quality and trust. Reflecting over his past, he says, “I have enjoyed my journey. The crises which had bothered me then, are actually the reasons today which make me proud of the distance that I have covered. I have no regrets. I had an ambition and an idea and I made sure that I give myself a chance to test them. I did and succeeded. So, for all the wannabe entrepreneurs, my message is – Take the plunge, don’t waste time thinking about it. Trust me, it’s totally worth it at the end.”