Online Programme on Tourism Entrepreneurship

Online Programme on Tourism Entrepreneurship

Conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) in collaboration with Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL)

Duration: 2 Weeks
Objective of the Program

The broader objective is to orient participants towards entrepreneurship skills which help them to deal with such adverse situation, strengthen their entrepreneurial behaviour and competitive mind-set for decision making after COVID-19.

The Program will specifically aim at:

  • Orient students and participants in identifying the new opportunities in this situation 
  • Motivate and Encourage participants and students to deal with current situation 
  • Guide participants how to deal with financial crises in the tourism business
  • Guide participates to develop new pricing policies
  • Training and linkage with Government policies and Government scheme


Online Programme on Tourism Entrepreneurship

Location : Ahmedabad

Duration : 2 weeks

Batch size : 50

Registration fee : Rs. 1000

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To know more contact:

Ms. T.A.Nikita
Assistant Faculty
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)
Via Ahmedabad Airport and Indira Bridge,
Bhat, Gandhinagar-382424
Mob: 9825701209

To achieve the objectives as outlined above, the program will have following key inputs in terms of course and contents. This course is designed specifically for aspiring or current entrepreneurs, and professionals who own their family business. It is also perfect for career switchers; this program enhances entrepreneurial knowledge, strategy and support to reform tourism business after COVID-19.

Course Contain:

Tourism Entrepreneurship

  • Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sensing Entrepreneurship Opportunities
  • Complexity and challenges of Tourism industry
  • Reform tourism business
  • Business Model Identification for Tourism Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up creation process

Business Foundation

  • Cost effective techniques
  • Pricing policy for tourism business
  • Financial Management- How to deal with financial crises
  • Social Media Marketing in tourism business
  • Project Formulation and Feasibility Analysis

This online program will be completed through online session by EDII in 15 days.  

The objectives will be achieved through on-line class discussions, case analysis, assignment, presentation and entrepreneur interaction.

Online session: 1-hour session (3 sessions daily)

Duration: 2 weeks (15 days)

Registration fee –  Rs. 1000 (Refundable) 

Course Fee – Sponsored by TCGL, Govt. of Gujarat

Batch size – 50 (2 Batches)