Uttam Trasadiya

As a student of EDII, I learned a lot about the importance of communication and relationships in corporate life.

There is no doubt that every professor of the institute is an expert in his own field and a student who makes good-use of their relationships, experience and knowledge can achieve success.

The friendship of foreign professionals who come to study in EDI every year is very useful even today.

Every student has the opportunity to make their own career through the institute but there are two types of lifestyle in the mindset of the students; Resort life and Resource life.

The one who runs with the right opportunity at the right time gets success. 


Uttam Trasadiya

PGDM-BE 2018-2020
Kalrav NGO – Gujarat
Greenstone Granito Pvt Ltd. – Morbi
Greenzone Granito Pvt Ltd. – Morbi
Greenray Granito Pvt Ltd. – Morbi
Greenvalley Trimpex LLP – Gandhidham
General Administrator