Women Entrepreneurship: From ideation to implementation

Women Entrepreneurship: From ideation to implementation


Women Entrepreneurship : From ideation to implementation

Fees : 10,000/- per participant

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Dr. Baishali Mitra

Scope of The Course

The course will be beneficial for: –
women who are students,
women who are planning to begin a start-up,
women who are already Small-scale/Micro entrepreneurs and seeking growth, 
women who are housewives and intend to start a business,
women who are mid-career professionals and want to shift from employment to entrepreneurship.

Target Batch

Aspiring women entrepreneurs, nascent women entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs seeking medium-growth in their businesses, women from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds across all age groups regardless of educational qualification and experience shall apply.

The Rationale of the Course

Despite the steady improvement, women are still under-represented among the population of entrepreneurs. Moreover, research says that women entrepreneurs tend to have dissimilar motivations and intentions in entrepreneurship than men. The challenges that women identify in starting a business include discouraging social and cultural attitudes, lower levels of entrepreneurship skills, greater difficulty in accessing start-up financing, smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks that dampen women’s entrepreneurship. And that is why an Entrepreneurship Course is required to be designed exclusively for women as the opportunities, challenges, and measures to cope with those challenges are unique for women entrepreneurs.

Course Objective

This course aims to facilitate Entrepreneurship by providing the right guidance for all aspiring and nascent women entrepreneurs so that a cadre of women entrepreneurs is empowered to strengthen the socio-economic development of the country.

1. This is an online course for 3 months’ duration engaging 50 hours’ live sessions along with mentoring and guidance hours.

2. The course focuses on inclusive entrepreneurship. While highlighting issues concerning the gender gap, the course deals with different dynamics of entrepreneurship and showcases steps from leveraging on a promising idea to making profits with minimal risks, focusing on small and medium-sized startups for women entrepreneurs.

3. The course is equipped with live lectures, recorded videos, assignments, case analyses, as well as handholding templates and tools. The following module will be supported by pre-session reading materials and weekly assignments

  • 50 hours’ sessions
  • Templates, guidelines, cases, teaching notes, videos
  • EDII Digital Library access
  • Course completion certificates to all participants
  • One-to-one mentoring session

Sessions (duration – 120 minutes)




Entrepreneurship: The concept

  • The concept of entrepreneurship
  • The key elements



Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Entrepreneurial mindset & competencies

Analyses of personalities of real entrepreneurs


Gender Sensitizing

  • Perceived & actual barriers to entrepreneurship that are specific to women
  • Ways to deal with issues that create fear



The Power of Networking

  • Concept of networking
  • Women-to-women network
  • Develop behaviors that invite collaboration

Lecture/ Discussion


Financial Fundamentals

  • How to understand and interpret a financial statement /balance sheet

Lecture / Practice


Interaction with women entrepreneur

Live Lab


Marketing Fundamentals

  • The target markets
  • The competition
  • Marketing plan, tools and pricing strategies
  • Environmental Analysis / SWOT Analysis



Digital Marketing 

    • Digital marketing tools
    • Selling through online platforms
  • Doing business with government through GEM portal

Demo/ Discussion


Business Model

  • This module provides a framework for analyzing how a company creates, develops and delivers products or services
  • Business Model Canvas



Exploring the Business Opportunity / Opportunity assessment

• How to Identify Business Opportunities

• Business Opportunity Guidance

• Briefing and Planning for the Market Survey

• Sources of business ideas

Activities/ Discussion


Innovation in products/services

  • Process of innovation
  • Techniques to develop innovative products/services



Interaction with women entrepreneur

Live Lab 


Assessing Market feasibility

  • How to conduct market research
  • Marketing testing of innovative products

Lecture/ Discussion


Financial & Technical Feasibility

    • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

Lecture/ Discussion


Business Plan

  • Preparation of a Basic Business Plan 

(hands-on via template)

Live assignment


Starting a business 

  • Deciding Constitution of Organization
  • Registration of a Company/ startup

Lecture/ Discussion


Strategies for entry, growth & exit

  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Strategies for entries
  • Growth & exit strategies. 

Lecture/ Discussion


Social entrepreneurship

  • The concept of social entrepreneurship
  • Examples of women social entrepreneurs

Case discussion


Interaction with women social entrepreneur

Live Lab


Government Schemes and Policies focused on Women

  • Government Schemes, to foster women-entrepreneurship
  • Possibilities and scopes for financial assistance

Lecture/ Discussion


Government support system for entrepreneurship development

  • Institutional framework supporting entrepreneurship development



Interaction with banking professional

Live Lab


The Legal Aspects of Business

Experts’ opinion


Group-Presentations by Participants and feedback by mentors

Presentation by participants


Group-Presentations by Participants and feedback by mentors

Presentation by participants

Course fee: 10,000/-